Some people talk on their cell phone as if they're all alone in the world and they completely lose track of their surroundings. They don't care who they're blocking in that grocery aisle, or that nobody really wants to hear them yelling over a cell phone at a restaurant.

A cell phone isn't a status symbol anymore.  Anybody can own one and most people do.  Stop acting like you're more "special" than everybody else. 

Democrats and Republicans

Put your gun away killer, this webpage is for fun!  There's no rocket science here.  There's nothing ground-breaking here, there are no earth-shaking opinions.  So Trolls aren't welcome here.  If you're totally incensed and want to let me know about it, click here.

​Til Death Do Us Part

According to the internet everything is bad for you.  Never mind that at this point in history, us old farts can fully expect to live until age eighty or longer.  This fact is largely attributable to the scientific advancements that were made during the 20th century.  But for the first time since the early 1900's younger generations have a life expectancy that is actually declining.

Don't argue with them.  Take them to a nursing home to see if they want to live that long.

Cell Phone Nuisances

Democrats and Republicans have disagreed for decades and they always will.  Hell, they sometimes didn't even want to be buried in the same cemetery.  Only since the internet was invented did it get so bad that the country became this divided. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC.  Blah, blah, blah.  Internet trolls log on anonymously, make smart-ass comments and call each other names.

You can't win an argument with trolls.  The only way to defeat them is to ignore them.