During the following decades I struggled through high school like every adolescent does,  received a Bachelor of Science in  the Applied Sciences, and started working on a career.  I've done many things right and many things wrong.

In the 1950's, when I got too grumpy my parents were always there to help set me "back on path."  They accomplished this using a three-step process:  warn, threaten, and mete.  When the warnings and threats didn't work, step three was effective.  When dad got home from work he would mete punishment to my meat, usually with his belt across my butt.  It was a very effective parenting skill.  I survived it just fine.

Why Be Grumpy?

Lighten up, this website is about humor.

I used to be a Grumpy Fart.  

As I grow older, little things make me get grumpy more quickly than they did, say twenty-to-fifty years ago.

In the 1960's I was a "Tweener."  I was too young to be sent to Vietnam like all the big-kids I knew, but old enough to appreciate the way the girls were dressing.  I was old enough to rotate the TV antenna so we could watch a different channel, but too young to watch a lot that was on (according to my parents.)  

Nowadays I prefer to sit on my lazy rear end, eat potato chips and watch TV with my lovely wife and dogs.  We foster homeless dogs and provide them a "forever home" when we can.