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Some people pace back and forth when talking on their cell phone.  It makes me grumpy when they do it in front of the checkout lane at the store. They don't give a shit who they're blocking, they act like they're at home in their kitchen.  Heaven forbid you interrupt them. 

Don't confront them, they'll go nuts.  Give them the space they need to be discourteous.   

​Til Death Do Us Part

Democrats and Republicans have disagreed for decades and they always will.  Hell, they sometimes didn't even want to be buried in the same cemetary.  Only since the internet was invented did it get so bad that the country became this divided. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC.  Blah, blah, blah.  Let's log on anonymously and call each other names.

​Don't argue with them.  Give them the space they need to hate each other because most likely, they always will.

Cell Phone Nuisance

Democrats and Republicans

According to the internet everything is bad for you, no matter what you eat, drink or breath.  Nevermind that at this point, us old farts can fully expect to live until age ninety or longer.  For the first time since 1900, younger generations have a life expectancy that is actually declining.

Don't argue with them.  Take them to a nursing home to see if they want to live that long.